Monday, March 23, 2009

Love, Loss and What Remains: The Things I Couldn't Say Aloud

This is my BFA show. Entitled, "Love, Loss and What Remains: The Things I Couldn't Say Aloud." It ran May 2-16, 2008 at the McDonough Museum of Art in Youngstown, Ohio. 

Artist Statement:

The majority of the work that I do is a direct reflection of myself. My work explores varying degrees of intimacy and personal insight.
The installation, "Love, Loss, and What Remains: The Things I couldn't Say Aloud" is based upon memories and experiences that I have gathered from relationships over the years. The images document a distance that has developed, a void. Through the photographs, the distance is represented as a metaphor for what is missing. These images document emotions that I have felt, experiences that I have experienced, situations that I have witnessed, and all of the things that were left unsaid. These images evoke a sense of love and loss, showing how it can affect a space, and also how it can affect a figure in that space.
In this work, I am trying to show what remains. What is left of the body, of your emotions, and your outlook on the world after a trauma or tragedy. What is left when the ground beneath you has been pulled out from under you and your sense of normalcy has subsided, having shaken you violently awake.
I have also been interested in the body. How it works, what it looks like. How the body is this impressionable surface, much like our minds. That every event can leave an impression upon it's facade. How the impressions may be internal or external, but either way, leave the body scarred. The clay and latex remnants are acting as metaphors for the body. They are what is left of the body and your innards after your sense of normalcy has been removed. The loss in this work isn't necessarily something tangible, but possibly intangible.
In this work, I am trying to make visible the invisible.

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