Sunday, February 21, 2010

Corpus Albicans

"Corpus Albicans" Installation, latex, rubber, wax. Approx. 4x6'. 2008

A while back, I had this MRI done and they found these cysts in my spinal cord called Syrinx, which are kind of scary in the "you could totally be paralyzed one day kind of way", so anyway. These "cysts," (which are actually fluid filled cavities,) got me thinking about the problems with ovarian cysts that I've had since I started to become "womanly." And more specifically, it made me think about the tissue that remains inside of you after the cyst ruptures. It sounds pretty gross. But I remember having an ultrasound done (or maybe it was a sonogram? I don't really remember exactly.) when I was 16 or 17, and the remains of the ruptured cyst were quite beautiful. So without sounding like my mom (the OBGYN nurse), Corpus Albicans is basically the blood and tissue that remains after a cyst on your Corpus Luteum ruptures.

At this point, I had begun working with latex and wax. And I began making these cyst-like vessels. The shape is more consistent with the Syrinx, but I had both the Syrinx and the Corpus Albicans in mind when I was creating this piece. This piece incorporated some familiar themes from my photographs, such as emptiness and what remains. This time, in a more literal representation than a metaphorical one.

"Corpus Albicans" Installation detail, latex, rubber, wax. Approx. 4x6'. 2008

On a side note: A lot of people look at this piece and immediately think "sausages". Hmm...

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